Every biker, means everybody who enjoys a ride on a motorbike, enjoys most probably the performance of the bike used in that very moment, the smell of fresh cut grass, flowers, trees and the vicinity of an area selected during riding…

“Faces in the Wind” understand themselves as an international motorcyclist organisation and network between bikers, who come from all over the world, all ethnic groups, male or female, riding all kind of motorbikes, but having a valid interest to join an organisation of people with the same passion.


“Faces in the Wind” want to unite bikers worldwide, who likes to keep their faces in the wind. This regardless what kind of motorbike they use and who they are or where they come from.

Most important for us is, that each member of this organisation enjoys their own passion to ride. We want to encourage bikers making tours, either domestically or worldwide, willing to share all kind of needful information with others.

We would like to establish slowly but continuously a world-wide motorcyclist network which will help each member of the organisation to make out of dreams reality and plans.

As an organization founded from bikers for bikers, we want to represent the interests of our members in the public. Therefore, we want to discuss more in deep, matters in relation to safety, harmonization of traffic laws or technical issues.

At least we expect, that each member is motivated to help other members if she/he is in trouble just nearby. This can happen to all of us during a planned tour and we consider that every biker will be happy using a working network as an additional option in such kind of unlike situation.

Present Activities

Asian Tour 2018 Italy-Greece-Turkey-Georgia-Azerbaijan- Iran

Africa Tour 2019 Kenya-Tanzania-Zimbabwe-Botswana-Malawi-Lesotho-South Africa